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Hacked website repair is our specialised service. Experienced developers are dedicated for immediate repair of the hacked website once order placed. We always start our process with a scan to identify the extent of the issue and provide our recommendations prior to commencing cleaning work at your website. If you are looking for the most reliable service with back up of your data, then you are at the right place.

Hacked website! Do you own it? or Do you fear that it has been hacked? Don’t worry, we have got you covered from Houston. We are serving nationwide clients from our Houston office. If you are looking for hacked website information, or what to know how to fix a website and repair support then you are at the right place. Our service doesn’t include only scan, clean and repair your hacked website, we also want to guide you how you can avoid this type of unwanted issue in future. Once it WordPress website, you need to be very much careful while using free plugins. These need to be updated to avoid hacked website issue. Anyone who will go through in detail will understand when a website is considered as hacked and how to repair.



If you think that your website can’t be hacked, you’re wrong. The website may easily be hacked with high skilled hackers. Today, not only big websites get hacked but also small websites get hacked. According to recent analyst reports, the largely automated attacks are being deployed regardless of the size of the websites. Now, you must be thinking if a website can be hacked with such ease, what are the solutions and precautions of a hacked website? We can understand the feeling. Don’t worry, Hacked websites repair easily most of the time. It depends on what type of attack is deployed on the website.


A hacked website is a website when a cyber-criminal or a group of cyber-criminals attack it by deploying harmful code. It often remained unknown to the user if their website is been hacked or not. When website has errors or hacked, the attackers can easily manipulate the valuable data of the user and owner. They can see the keystrokes of the users and owners. Through this, they can store the login credentials of the user for their social accounts, online banking or transactions, etc.

Moreover, hack on a website can jeopardize millions of data of the users. Their secret information goes public and everyone can see the information of the user and owner.

Sometimes, hackers will change the content of their websites. They replace authentic information with bogus information and unwanted images on the website to threaten website owners. And sometimes they put some kind of harmful code which redirects you to some harmful pages.

Hacked Website Repair Process

The Key Concepts. Must ReoaRead It Prior Planning for Website Design or SEO Agency

So, you have figured out that your website is hacked, you might be wondering what to do next? Don’t worry, we have a step by step guide for you. if your website has been hacked there are different ways you can take to perform a solid hacked website repair. Let’s find out.

 Tell your Host:

As soon as you find that your website has been hacked you must tell the hosting company. They know more about your server than you do. They can easily detect where the malware has been deployed. Also, they need to run a scan on other client’s websites if they are on the same server as you are on.

Research on your own:

After reaching out to your hosting company, research on your own. Search online companies that providing help on this matter. If your host company didn’t find any threat go for trusted security experts. Post questions regarding your issue on different online forums.

Closing down your website:

Closing down your website prevents hackers to bring more damage to your website. Through this user’s also can’t visit your hacked website and their information will not be breached.

In this process, you can also contact the hosting company to bring your website offline. While your website is offline check every single page and accounts. Remove every suspicious accounts and data.

Search console:

You can also repair your hack website with a search console. You have to log in with google account in search console. After login into account select “Add a site” and enter your website URL. Select the easiest way to verify your authority to the website.

You also need to check whether the hacker already verifies his ownership to your site. Hackers usually do unwanted changes to their websites. You can remove their authority by managing your site in the search console.

Nature of attack:

The hackers can attack your site in multiple ways. For every, type of attack there is a different way to recover. Information on attacks can be seen in the message center and security issues in search consoles. The attacks can be through malware or spam. When your site is attacked with malware it displays the message “This site may harm your computer”. And when your site is attacked with spam it displays the message “this site may be hacked”. 

For the attack which is done with malware, you have to key knowledge of SQL queries and shell/terminal commands. 

For the attack which is done with spam, you have to collect all data files which are damaged. It is the most time taking the method of repairing a hacked website.


Check for vulnerability:

After fixing one attack it doesn’t mean that your website is all secure. Check for each file of your website. Scan your website with security tools. Test your website in every aspect because there can be still some threats. 

Not only run antivirus but also check manually for the vulnerabilities. 


Cleared and maintained site:

It is a good way to clean your website from unwanted files and URLs created by hackers. Before cleaning takes place, you must contact support resources. As if there is a theft of valuable information, they can help you.

If there are any newly added URLs to your website you must remove them by selecting Remove URL in search console. 

If you want to Google index page you can use “Fetch as Google” in search console.


 Cleaning server side:

In this step, you have to install every software update which is due. Remove any plug-ins which are not being used. Restore the backup files of the site which is been created before the hack. Change all the passwords of the accounts linked to your sites. 

 Google review request:

Before requesting a review by google you must double check your website. You must complete all the above steps before you request a review. 

You have to request a review from Google to unmarked your site from dangerous or spam. 



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