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Content is king

It is what keeps your audience engaged and what drives them to trust your business. The way you convey your message through your website’s content is important because this will determine how dependable your business is and what impression will you leave to them.

Content is King

Fresh Content required. The website is not showing up in Google search results. Website Not Mobile Friendly. Don’t know about the website visitors.

Website or blogs Content..who so important

If your content is poorly written (i.e. lots of spelling errors, inconsistencies with punctuation marks and capitalization, obvious grammar mistakes, unnatural or unprofessional tone, etc.), how can you perfectly explain what your brand is about and how it can help your customers? It will leave a lousy impression that you are not serious about your business because you can’t even hire a professional content writer to create compelling content.

That is why we’re here!

That is why we’re here! Our expert content writers at FixWebsiteIssues.com can help you fix all the content errors in your website. Or we can create a totally new content for you — whether you’re starting a new website or you’re re-branding an old one. With our content writing service, you will get the following professional assistance from our expert writers:

  • Fix content errors — grammar, spelling, punctuation marks, capitalization, acronyms, redundant words, overused words, complicated sentence structures, and more.
  • Enhance readability and comprehension
  • Edit or proofread existing content
  • Create new content from scratch
  • Optimize content using keywords for SEO
  • Article writing and blog writing
  • …and so much more!

What We Do

Whatever your content writing needs are, we are here for you 24/7 to provide the best solutions you need. We care about your business as much as you do, that’s why we’re always ready to lend a helping hand. Below are the top content writing services we offer to our clients.


  • Web content editing — to fix all your content errors
  • Web content writing from scratch
  • SEO writing
  • Article writing
  • Blog writing
  • Product description creation
  • Title tags and meta description writing
  • Content analysis
  • Content enhancement
  • Content rewriting
  • Keyword research

Fixing Website Content

This is our new areas to explore. Fixing website contents…..

Free Quote/ Consultation !

Unique Content  Writing Service. NO HASSLE. NO HIDDEN CHARGE

Single Page Content Writing – $25 Per Page 

Multiple Page Content- $20 per Page. 

-Contents will be copy escape passed


Industries we work with?

  • Doctors
  • Healthcare 
  • Gym / Health Programs

  • Fashion / Retail
  • E-Commerce

  • Oil & Gas
  • Food / Restaurants
  • Local Service Providers

  • Education
  • Real Estate

  • Hotel / Tourism
  • Engineering
  • Lawyers
  • More…..


Frequently Asked

1. Can you improve the existing content on my website? Can you fix all the errors?

Yes, of course. Our professional content writers are trained and skilled to make your content perfect, accurate, and error-free.

2. Are your writers fluent in English?

Yes, all our writers are outstanding English writers who can write perfectly in the English language.

3. My website is new. Can you create content from scratch?

Yes, we can help you write content for your new website. Our professional writers will help you write original, unique, and optimized content for any page of your website.

4. How order can be placed

Just place an order by making payment of 50% of charge by PayPal. If you need any solution within 24 hours then need to add an additional $10 for any service charge. Normally single page fresh content writing or fixing an existing page with title and metatag charge comes $20.00 ( for 500 to 600 words count).

5. Do you incorporate SEO on your content writing?

Yes, we do SEO content writing. If you have a preferred keyword, we can incorporate that in your content. Otherwise, we can also do keyword research for you.

6. Do you write blogs, articles, or product descriptions?

Yes, yes, and yes! Whatever content you need for your website, we are happy to provide them for you.

Why Choose us?

Web-based service provider

Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee.Your Partner for Perfection?. We offer so much more than website fixes and repair — web design, theme customization, migration, security, maintenance, speed optimization, search engine optimization, content development, and other digital marketing strategies.

Industry Coverage

We are experts in the field. Team of Engineers. We have been providing high-quality and reliable website fixing, design and development, and marketing solutions for over 15 years. Web Application, Web Designing, Trouble Shooting, Optimization, Database Architecture, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Remarketing etc. are specialised area.

Ways to get problem solved

Let us do free troubleshooting or let us know your problem. Select which package you want to avail. The bronze solution is $35 ( Solution within 48 hours). Silver solution is $45( Solution within 24 Hours) and Premium Solution is $55 ( within 18 hours). Super fast extra service is $65.00( Almost like LIVE). This is for a single problem. Normally we don’t charge if there is one or two related very small issues that we need to fix to solve the main problem.

No Hidden Charge

There is no hidden Charge. Get website issue fixed $35/ single issue/ 24 hours delivery. Fixed layout website $300 only/ 5 pages +1 year Free hosting +support.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our guarantee is direct and sincere with  a genuine desire to satisfy our valued clients. 

Website issue or redesigning website, database  or SEO, Google certified professionals will remain with you until satisfaction achieved. We love referral policy.

If our service doesn’t perform properly or we don’t deliver satisfactory service, our customer gets a full refund.

Live Support

We care about your business as much as you do. We understand that your website is important to you, that’s why we work hard and fast to fix all website issues you have. Our TEAM IS LIVE TO GIVE LIVE SUPPORT

Proven Portfolio

Have listed more than 30 websites, we worked very recently 2018-2019 for Web Application, Web Design, SEO, Google Analytics, Mobile Apps or Software, all support.

That is why we’re here!

We will fix all kinds of website issues for you, so that you can focus on running your business. Some of the common WordPress bugs and issues we handle include homepage slider not moving, emails not being sent out, website is not responsive, analytics code is not tracking, Javascript not working properly, no payment gateway installed, duplicate title tags and meta descriptions, contact form not capturing information, layout inconsistencies, unsecured website, database errors, and slow loading pages. Fixing error is now easy, only $25 per issue.

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