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Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting

Fast and highly reliable web hosting for WordPress with Apache, NGINX, MariaDB and PHP 7

Web Hosting

Web and WordPress Hosting

The generic term web hosting or hosting describes the services that make your website available online 24/7. Specifically, this is about online storage and the servers that deliver your website. With websites, online applications or e-commerce projects, any failure can mean the loss of potential customers and corresponding sales.

Therefore, it is important to have a reliable partner at your side to ensure the uninterrupted availability and performance of your websites and services. For an optimal result and the highest possible performance, websites / web applications and hosting solutions must be perfectly synchronized.

Excellent interaction between the software and hardware components of the servers as well as the connection of the computer center to the Internet and your website are essential.

For this reason, we maintain a close and personal partnership with the Namecheap & Hostgator. Together we offer you fast and high-performance websites with high availability.

As part of our full-service concept for WordPress development, we can also assist you with web and WordPress hosting.

Namecheap & HostGator – Premium-Partner

To offer our customers the highest and most consistent availability, performance and service, we have entered into a close partnership with the Namecheap & Hostgator. Namecheap & Hostgator offers a technically good and fast software stack (Apache, NGINX, MariaDB and PHP 7) to provide optimal performance. Also we have very Fast & Secure Cloud platform.

Web Hosting Premium Partner

As a premium partner for web hosting, we have a direct contact person at Namecheap and are very familiar with their rates and technology. Furthermore, as a premium partner, we can offer you special offers and conditions which are not publicly available on the namecheap websites.

We are happy to help you move your existing website to namecheap and advise you on suitable web hosting rates.

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